Your dive into the engine room:

How successful are your websites?

Website Standards
Performance illustration


How quickly does your website respond to user interactions? What’s the loading time? Weak performance not only leads to high bounce rates and abandoned shopping carts, Google also penalizes you.

SEO illustration


Can search engines find your website? How does it perform? A low SEO score will result in your website being listed too low or not at all in search results.This means you lose potential customers and risk losing sales.

Reachability illustration


Is your site always available? Are your services reliable? Fail-safe hosting and a clean implementation create the basis for users to visit your website at any time. Unreliable availability has a negative impact on your SEO score.

Accessibility illustration


Can visitors with disabilities use your site? Outdated technology or visual impairments can exclude many users from your web application. In many regions, accessibility for web applications is already legally enshrined.

Security illustration


Does your website comply with the latest security standards? Technology is constantly changing. Current security updates and encryption protect you and your customers from data misuse.


Legal illustration


Do your web applications comply with current legal requirements? The legal guidelines for digital services must be met in order to avoid leagl actions.

Monitoring on a grand scale

Especially for large companies that have to take responsibility for numerous web applications, website standards offers a remedy. Often, as business grows, there is no capacity to implement universally applicable standards. Here, the tool is convincing for analyzing all web applications in parallel and guarantees compliance with selected standards.

Everything according to your needs

Website Standards is customized to your individual needs. Based on your company’s KPI’s we implement the analysis tools. Decide for yourself which parameters you want to check and create your own testing templates. We support you where it matters most to you. Once set up, our tests are automated and run at your desired intervals.

An eye for the essentials

Website Standards does not require technical know-how. Compare projects and even entire departments and monitor all applications from a bird’s eye view. At a glance, weak points can be quickly localized and optimized through targeted measures. The collected data is summarized concisely and presented clearly. Depending on your needs, you can go into specific detail.